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Upon receipt or download of the specifications and bid forms, your firm is considered a plan holder for that contract. Any addendum for the contract will be posted online, and faxed or mailed to all plan holders on record.

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These types of agreements are called "Formal Contracts. This booklet is updated annually.

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In these categories, the Act provides for the award of such contracts directly by the Director of Procurement and Materials Management, without competitive bidding. In emergency situations that affect public health or safety, contracts may be let, without formal advertisement, pending approval by the Board of Commissioners. In a few instances, the quote request may also be mailed to the supplier. Bids must be received by and are opened at a. CST, on the date specified on the form. Bids may be submitted either in person, by fax, or by mail in the pre-addressed return envelope provided with a mailed quotation request.

In the event that a supplier is unable to bid, the firm should indicate a "no bid" response on the request form and return it to the Department of Procurement and Materials Management. Prospective bidders are notified by:.

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All formal bids must be submitted on forms furnished by the MWRD. The invitation to bid will specify whether or not the bidder is allowed to request mailing of the documents. A document fee may be required for plans and specifications.

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This fee is non-refundable and is stated in the invitation to bid. All formal bids must be delivered and deposited in the Bid Depository Safe located in the main office building lobby, East Erie Street, Chicago, Illinois on or before the due date and time fixed for said bid opening as specified in the invitation to bid. All formal bids faxed, electronically transmitted, or received after the due date and time, will be returned to the bidder.

Bid deposits are returned to the bidders, after the bid opening, according to the terms of the contract documents. All formal bids are opened and read publicly by the Director of Procurement and Materials Management, or designee, at the specified time, date and place set forth in the invitation to bid. Bid results are available at the Department of Procurement and Materials Management, 5th floor of the main office building, or in Bid Results , as soon as possible following the bid opening.

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Bid deposits shall NOT in any event be required for the following classes of contracts unless upon determination of the Director of Procurement and Materials Management that the time of delivery or such other critical circumstance warrants the imposition of a bid deposit requirement:. Each contract document will notify a bidder if a bid deposit is required or not required. The agreement will apply to construction projects and the MWRD reserves the right to determine which contracts are included in the agreement.

If the agreement is applicable to the contract, it will be stated in the invitation to bid in the contact document.

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The following is a general overview of the process:. After the opening of contract bids, contract bid status is made available online, in Bid Results.

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Upon identifying an apparent low bidder, post qualification data forms will be mailed to the apparent low bidder by the Director of Procurement and Materials Management. These forms must be completed and returned to the Department of Procurement and Materials Management within 21 days. Upon approval of the contract by the Board of Commissioners, the Director of Procurement and Materials Management will notify the successful bidder via issuance of a purchase order or an official notification of award letter. Board award information is also available online in Awarded Contracts. As a public agency, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District welcomes all suppliers to participate in the open bidding process for contractual projects. Guidelines For Contractors. A statement from the agency said "at least half" of the approved providers are minority-owned. Marijuana use by adults will be legal starting Jan. Operators of retail outlets must be trained on properly dispensing cannabis, checking buyers' identification, identifying signs of impairment because of marijuana use and other health and security concerns.

Those operating existing medical cannabis outlets must receive the training by Nov. All rights reserved. For permissions information, contact the Illinois State Geological Survey. Skip to main content. Enter your address in the box below where it says "Type Address Here". Be aware! The geolocation could be different from our previous application which used a Google geocoding service. Please check that location is accurate.

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Again, b e aware! An information window will appear listing the County, Township, Range, and Section for the marker location.