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A subscription agreement is required for each account prior to gaining access to electronic recorded documents. Please complete the subscription agreement including notarized signature. Also, if you have an old login account from our previous system and would like to use the same login ID number, please write your Username at the bottom of the form. B If you have existing Draw Down Account Deposit Account you can submit your subscription agreement to Recording Services by email at recording mypinellasclerk.

If you would like to create a Draw Down Account, please click here. Email questions to: recording mypinellasclerk. If you are seeking copies of a record or document and it is not available free via the methods listed below, visit our copy request center for a quote of costs.

Clerk Information

We will typically provide you with either a paper or electronic copy of the document you are seeking. Records requests made concerning the administration of non-court information should be directed to the Public Records Liaison, in accordance with County Policy. Various offices throughout Pinellas County are equipped with public view terminals to provide convenient access to online and other records.

While many records are electronic, others, particularly older records, may only be available in paper or microfilm format.

Please be sure you are going to a location capable of providing access to the records you seek before visiting. The Pinellas County Clerk's office can perform record searches for cases filed in Pinellas County only. If you require copies of documents from the files, standard copy prices will apply. You will be contacted by email with the dollar amount to process the request. You may also request a Record Search in person at any of our locations:. North County Branch U. Petersburg Branch 1st Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL Record searches that include Juvenile cases must be made by the defendant in person with valid identification.

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Please contact our office at if you need any additional information or have questions regarding this process. For microfilm of Civil and Family cases, please call or email civilcert mypinellasclerk. Many older or confidential court records may be viewed by visiting our record center. Please call to ensure records are available.

Your Clerk of the Circuit Court is authorized to "redact" black out or conceal specific information from an Official Record or a court file upon request. There is no fee for this service. In order to determine eligibility to have your cased sealed or expunged, you will first need to obtain an application to seal or expunge your case records by visiting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE website. The purpose of this application process is to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility prior to petitioning the court. The packet consists of the application and fingerprint card.

You must be fingerprinted by authorized law enforcement personnel or a criminal justice agency. You will also need a certified copy of the final disposition of your case. You can obtain certified copies of the final disposition on the case s from the Clerk's office. You may contact the Clerk's office at or via email at circuitcrim mypinellasclerk.

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At the Clerk's office, you will complete additional paperwork that must be filled out for the Judge that will be reviewing your case. This paperwork includes the petition, affidavit and an order to seal or expunge, all of which can be found on our Forms page under Criminal Court and must be filed with the court.

Upon the filing of the Order granting the petition to seal or expunge the case record and file, the Clerk will remove all information from your judicial record and forward certified copies of the order to the appropriate agencies. The form can be submitted to the Official Records Department in person, via mail or fax. Select only the Exemption Information categories that apply to you, enter your contact information and identify the documents to receive redaction.

Submit the completed form to Official Records via mail or in person. Therefore, you are unable to search for required information online.

Public Access to Court Electronic Records

Pursuant to Florida Statutes, the following personnel and their spouses and children may request protected address status. The Clerk shall maintain the exempt status of this information only if the officer, employee, justice, judge, other person, or employing agency of the designated employee submits a written request for maintenance of the exemption. Per Rule of Judicial Administration 2.

Upon the filing of any court order authorizing the sealing of any court record, the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pasco County or the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pinellas County, as appropriate, is hereby authorized and directed to seal the designated records immediately. They are further directed to post a copy of the "Notice of Entry of Order Authorizing Sealing" on the bulletin board of the court facility where the order was issued and on the Clerk's website for a period of thirty 30 days.

Click here to view the Order on Review of Court Files. The Clerk's Records Management department is committed to the systematic control of records and information activities, regardless of format, from creation through final disposition or archival retention. This means that all public records must be retained and protected until they have satisfied the retention requirements established by the State Bureau of Archives and Records Management and have been properly disposed of.

Schedules are developed authorizing retention periods and disposition of all records regardless of media or format. Records requests must be generated by the originating department. Requested items are delivered to the owning department.

Criminal Court Information and Services

Files Analysis and Improvement Clerk's Records Management offers files analysis and improvement services. Records Management is available to visit your office in order to discuss your filing and storage requirements, and to work with staff members in developing filing systems that are tailored to departmental needs. Training Clerk's Records Management currently offers a variety of classes, including:. Storage Records Management maintains three storage facilities. Participating departments should transfer inactive records to the Clerk's Records Center for storage at least annually.

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Generally, records are considered "inactive" if they are accessed less than three 3 times per month. Retrieval and Delivery Clerk's Records Management provides file and box delivery and retrieval services. If a retrieval request is received before a. Retrieval requests received after a. Additional documents may be viewed online by completing and submitting a Registration Agreement. Cases and documents made confidential by statute or court order are excluded.

Individuals wishing to have image access for online court cases should download the fillable Okaloosa County Access Agreement , fill out, notarize and send back to the Clerks office according to the instructions in the packet. Users will be notified when they can access the online court system. Accept Decline. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.